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Message archive

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Cthulhu, 2009-11-03 13:14

Hey Antti,

What did you do after Demilich disbanded? Such as for work, music, et cetera.

Music-wise, not much. Basically nothing. Concentrated on studying and working. I've mostly wasted my best years.

Cthulhu, 2009-11-03 13:10

Hey Antti,

Do you listen to much Black Metal? Which bands? What band/album is your favourite?

I don't listen much black metal, and I cannot really name one album that's real BM and which I'd love. I like some of them, but in that genre, I'm more into early Arcturus, some Satyricon, Destr

The Commander, 2009-11-01 20:18

I'm gonna kill you one day
>>Sounds logical.

Made my day, that did.

FAQ | tomcat ha, 2009-10-28 22:33

your music is proof that god does exist.

I saw pestilence live earlier this year. I guess as you are a huge Pestilence fan you would try to go seem them live and listen to their new disc. I saw you read that you didnt listen to it in an older message but i assume you would have by now. I wonder what your thoughts are about Pestilence being back and everything.

Also saw that winterwolf has a release out now, must check it out just because you are in it.

of course the mandatory:
I would love to hear new stuff, see some tabs and new merch.

bands may come and bands may go but demilich is forever


I have been a huge Pestilence fan, but haven't really listened to their new album, and I didn't love the gig I saw the last summer. Then again, my expectations on Pestilence are always too high. So, currently I'm not very enthusiastic about their comeback.

I'm only one part of Winterwolf, and I have only made a couple of riffs and leads there. You should remember it's made very differently from how music of Demilich was made. However, I'm fond of the album, and the band is lots of fun.

The new three Demilich recordings will come out in the compilation albums some day, hopefully this winter. Tabs will be written, too, but that won't happen soon. And new merch comes along with the compilations.


Me!, 2009-10-25 03:10

I'm gonna kill you one day

Sounds logical.

The Commander, 2009-10-18 04:06

Sounds logical.

Yet another vocal-related question: how did you LEARN to death-growl? I've been trying to teach myself for a while now, but mostly I've just been sort of talking from the lowest point of my Adam's apple. Dunno if that's good or not (most likely not), but...

Perhaps via vocal coach would be a better idea. But how did you do it?

I don't really remember. I'd tell you if I did.

sp_grind, 2009-10-05 11:32

Greetings from Lviv, Ukraine-)
Just want to thank you for your great masterpiece. Nespithe is satanically divine)
Really hope for new LP.

FAQ | The Commander, 2009-09-14 23:28

I've always wondered, how do your vocals sound different on every record? Think about it.

"The Four Instructive Tales...of Decomposition": A powerful, sonorous burp. Pitch-shifted on some occasions, but no biggie. No way anybody could go lower than what you already do naturally.

"...Somewhere Inside the Bowels of Endlessness": A rather dry, staccato burp.

"The Echo": A much deeper burp, with lots of rumble to it. (Most notably in the first verse of the title track.)

"Nespithe": A sort of alien-frog-like feel is added. (Most apparently in the first verse of "When the Sun Drank the Weight of Water". (Ha, no typo!))

Is it just the production, or...?

I suppose it's mostly production, but then again, the sound of my voice may have developed (to better or worse) little by little. Anyway, I still suspect it's mostly due to production. The low voice easily gets mixed with the instruments.

Jon, 2009-09-05 05:59

Thanks for that masterpiece Nespithe, nothing else I can add, stay metal my friend and cheers from Puerto Rico \m/

FAQ | Louis, 2009-08-27 08:08

Hello, how are you doing?

I just have two questions if you would like to answer them. First, what of the lyrics to the last three songs on the Four Instructive Tales? Also, what sort of technique did you use to get your particular growling sound?

I have the lyrics somewhere, but don't know where. When I find them, I will put them out. Or then I'll spend a couple of hours trying to figure out how they went.

The technique is different from normal growling. I open up my throat and bronchus somewhat like when you throw up, and blow air out. The throat goes to some kind of locked position, and starts trembling. Very hard to explain.

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