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Eisenhoward Velasquez, 2009-07-10 04:21

I love Demilich. I like the most brutal stuff i.e. Despondency, Repudilation, Putridity, Ingested etc. but Demilich has a timeless quality, way ahead of their time. Great job guys, you probably didn't notice, but you guys had a huge impact on the brutal death metal scene. One of the first. Cheers.

Thanks. Always a pleasure to hear.

God, 2009-07-03 19:05

dood do some tabs please! i beggeth of thou. pleaseith doith some tabby wabbies! would it help if i told you that you are GOD?

A god knows he's a god, so there's no use telling it. I will make the tabs, I just have no idea when.

Members | sasquatch, 2009-07-03 02:05

Hey Antti,

I play both guitar and bass, so I was wondering if you recall what gear (guitars, basses, strings, etc.) you guys used back when you recorded Nespithe. I love the guitar tone on the album, and the heavy, crushing bass is killer.

Thanks for the great music.

I used a Charvel 475 (special?), with pretty standard set of strings, meaning a bridge that was never in the position it was designed to be, and required a very light touch when playing. I used an old Yamaha amp and a self-made cabinet, but I don't remember if they were used when recording.

Aki used an Ibanez, but I have no idea what model it was or which strings he used. Aki had a Marshall JCM 900 head and a Marshall cabinet, and they were used for recording Aki's guitars, at least. Quite probably mine, too.

Both guitars can be seen in the original booklet, part of which is here:

I don't remember about the gear of either of the bassists, but Ville's bass can be seen at

Albums | Ivan Trdina, 2009-07-02 05:10

Hello... quick question...

I am confused to hell with all these (Nespithe) pressings I see on the internet... what are the official ones? ...and is the first one solely released by Necropolis or in alliance with Pavement?

Thanks and I sent my email for the next batch of shirts = )

There are four pressings:

1. The original Necropolis pressing. I think Pavement was a distributor only.

2. The European version, released by Repulse.

3. The reprint around 2000, which I never even saw.

4. The 2009 reprint, done by Xtreem (ex-Repulse).

And naturally the 2009 LP version.

I suppose all of those are official, whatever that means.

Deepak, 2009-06-27 21:40

Hello Man i am a Big Fan of Demilich i jst lisn all songs an demo's also it's gud rips an cool music so like it so plz update abt Demilich k

Dariel, 2009-06-25 10:01

Hey Antti,

I was wondering what your opinion was on Cosmic Atrophy

They are the only band that I consider similar to Demilich without any sort of stretch of the imagination.

grog, 2009-06-23 00:12

Can`t wait for compilation.Oh mate..:)What`s up?

The summer vacation is over, and that definitely pisses me off.

Uncle Sam, 2009-06-19 12:51

How and when will Demilich stimulate the world economy? Is the global supply of personal lubricants [ironically] large enough for this task? I'll do whatever it takes to help. Be gentle.

Meet me in the public toilet at the Kuopio marketplace tonight. I will "explain".

Shirts | ART, 2009-06-13 05:45

If any new shirts come out will they be U.S. sizes

Do you mean if there will be XXXL's and so on? I will try to print big ones, too.

2009-06-08 23:12

Old Confessor video from 1988.

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