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Message archive

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Bb, 2009-02-20 23:41

Ordered my copy of the Nespithe LP. Is this any sign that the compilations will be released sooooooon?

Not a sign. May be a coincidence, though.

stalkkerisi, 2009-02-19 16:49

On. En ole varsinaisesti ollut sit

2009-02-18 09:02

Hey Antii,
Greetings from India! Nespithe is amazing, cheers!

brian, 2009-02-18 01:35

maybe a FAQ section should be added to this site...

You're absolutely right.

FAQ | Joe, 2009-02-17 23:54

Bonjour. I just found out about you guys and I love you guys's work on Nespithe (especially the vocals, definatly stands out from the other tech death bands out there).

Anyway, not to be mean, but what the heck is a Demilich? and a Nespithe? What made you pick those names?


Demilich was originally found from a Dungeons & Dragons book. I didn't play the games, but the name sounded good, and the character was evil enough. Yes, I was 16 years old. More at .

Nespithe, just like Erecshyrinol, can be decoded like this: Divide the words into groups of three letters, starting from the back. Reverse the order of the groups. Add spaces.

brian, 2009-02-15 04:47

Antti, on the inside cover of Nespithe, are you wearing a Human Remains shirt. If so, do you still have it/want to give it to me in exchange for my soul and/or money?

Yes, it's a Human Remains shirt. I should have it somewhere, but I'm not willing to sell or give the old shirts away.

Shirts | Ryan, 2009-02-10 23:34

is there any possibility of getting embroidered patches made? that would be awesome.

I'll see if it's possible. Shouldn't be a problem, though.

Uffe, 2009-02-05 21:46

Meinaatteko soittaa Winterwolfin kanssa mit

Ei meinattu, kun yritet

Jorma K, 2009-02-03 00:30

Kuultiin huhua (eritt

Nyt on Topi ja Jorma hieman ennakoineet. Kev

2009-02-02 15:22

What is it that you burp out in the song "And the Slimy Flying Creatures Reproduce in Your Brains" after the solo? (2:28 - 2:40)

I burb out one of the rare moments of shame, i.e. vocals with an effect. I don't remember half of the lyrics of the verse, but I will dig them out soon.

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