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Message archive

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Burrahobbit, 2011-12-18 23:01

Please do make more prints of DLICHTS003, the logo shirt!

Will be done some day, sooner or later.

Kohvelo, 2011-12-17 16:22

Alex Romney, 2011-10-28 22:51

I had a couple of questions. First what tuning do you use for Demilich, and what do you think of the death metal scene today? I feel it's lost a lot and I just wanted to know an artists opinion.

2011-05-23 19:24

So I've figured out the guitars Antii and Aki use are the Charvel 375 and Ibanez 560. I'm pretty sure the amp is a Marshall JCM800 2203 (most likely). What about distortion pedals? Is it a Boss HM-2?

2011-05-23 19:12

What are the principle bands that influenced Demilich?

Joshua Shelley, 2011-05-16 20:49

Hello. I've already emailed you, please disregard it. I would like to interview one of you (preferably Antti),for a school project of mine. Thanks

JD, 2011-05-14 05:08

Oh god, I didn't check my e-mail and missed out on getting a shirt that will actually fit me...Will more medium sized shirts be printed at some point?

More will be printed some day. Possibly not all of the styles, though.

Mysterious Organism, 2011-05-06 17:57

Glad the shirts are here so people can stop getting hysterical and bombarding Antti with messages regarding when they are to be available again.

Just ordered one of those brutes! Looking forward to it arriving.

Many thanks Antti!!

Penumbra, 2011-05-01 02:45

I'm sure others have asked too but whats wrong with the merchandise,i would really like a t-shirt so I want to know please inform about

Hopefully you got yours, as most of them are sold out now. More will be printed, though.

2011-03-22 18:14

Sorry if it was already asked, but what do you think about the Nesphite reissue from Xtreem? I'm talking about the remastering, does it sound good according to you? Thanks in advance.

I really haven't listened to it. Will do some day and let you know.

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