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Message archive

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Misericord, 2008-09-14 01:04

But the typos make Nespithe that much more obscure....

Amanita again, 2008-09-11 18:27

Truly amazing this is Demilich.

I am amazed why only one album. You are more creative than this.

First there is the guttural sub-bass monster vocal which is unique. I was searching the whole net and ripping the mp3s, but there is no vocals like this. It's the modern way of the very ancient mongolian throath-singing.

Mad drum patterns, and circulating guitar riffs, chromatic fuckedupness, some alcohol driven repetative mindfuck there, which is unique, which is never heard before.

Depicting the lyrics: dimensional teleport which consume your body, until your mouth is the only part of your remnants. Ehh, truly amazing ideas! 42th dimensional stuff, what a great mindwork there.

And YOU guys don't want to continue this fine shit!!!!! What a pity! It's unfair in some point, because YOU ARE great (mindfucked) musicians.

Just plug in your guitars to the halfstack marshall, and let it a ride again! Place there some fucking tapedeck and press the record button on it. Then later upload it to the net, or find a fucking record label! You guys can make it, easily.

I'm wondering, why always the best talents on earth give up teh whole thing!


I didn't have interest in doing more back then. Nowadays it's different, but I don't know if I get anything done. Hopefully the unnamed continuation of Demilich will produce something some day.

roger, 2008-09-06 07:43

nice, thx for the free music...up there with Obituary and death....good stuff...

nim. Seuraskilla osasivat pojat kertoa, 2008-08-29 10:49

Nespithen sis

Jos Patakukkula on siin

brrrian, 2008-08-28 19:42

to the person right below me

holy shit i never noticed that

original on the bottom, rerelease on top. BLASPHEMY!!!!

funny how the error is on "THE SPINE" HA.HA

Well, that's what you get when the greedy idiots do things in a hurry.

FAQ | k, 2008-08-26 04:22

i just ordered demilich-nespithe cd. its the reissue from century media
but its got a big fat typo on the spine. says "nesphite"
what is up with that?

No idea, I didn't even know it was made until my friend saw it in stores.

Edward, 2008-08-25 09:18

What is your opinion of Estonia? I heard that you guys practically speak the same language and the cultures are really similar. I've always considered Estonians to have more of a relation to Russians than Finns.

Estonia's nice. I can understand lots of Estonian, and they can understand us, so the language is very close to the one of ours.

2008-08-21 15:20

There isn't much else to do in Kuopio on a friday night.. apart from talk to oneself and get drunk.

Buddy Perkins, 2008-08-21 04:33

Are the rumors true? Are all those cryptic, non-english messages written here really just you talking to yourself? Oh how the mighty have fallen...

ibexmoon, 2008-08-12 23:02

hello....and so sorry that Demilich is dead...another (un)holy musical bible...sorry for my bad english...just a question or two...have you recorded some dvd ( i haven't see you on stage) and what members do yet in have an unique style, a matrice for this genre and more...thanks...thanks...for all

We don't have any DVDs, but I'll try to get some camcorder stuff released publicly some day. We're still in music, but haven't done anything noticeable lately.

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