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Message archive

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Vavrzyn, 2008-07-29 15:06

Demilich - fucking good band..
i was readed about you in polish 7Gates magazine..
hmm one year ago?..nevermind , yeasterday i found this page , then downloaded Nespithe album..great work , incredible vocals - something like Russian long-trailer truck fucked by my lawnmower!
Anyway , One of my best at this time!
what about my band?

See You In Hell!

Hell, that's where I'm going to. I didn't check your band, yet, but I may do it one day. In the meantime, I'll simply enjoy the thought of the truck-lawnmover-copulation.

Amanita, 2008-07-22 15:30

Demilich allways fuck the mainstream musick in the ass!

True music, never heard before!

Short, simple, and straight to the point. Cheers, man.

Shirts | SiggE, 2008-06-18 13:16

Still killing. Why not to print a little larger set of shirts when it is its time? ok, I never have made 1000 or even 100 post packages myself but I'm R e a l l Y enthusiastica to have just one rather in smaller size. :P

I will print shirts for all of those who have added their email address in the Merch section, although not all of them will get one. I am a sick fuck that loves to see people not get what they want if they are not quick enough. Be wise. Be quick. Be one of the rare.

Shirts | Joe Garner, 2008-06-12 21:34

I know it's more expensive and doesn't sell as well and some companies don't even do it, but I'm just wondering if you were planning to make XXL shirts to go with the Demo compliation release?

Dear Joe,

I know the problem. I've gained, too. I will definitely print XXL shirts, even if it's for us two only.

Your friend in weight,

2008-06-10 19:01

Antti, in your esteemed opinion, does headbanging cause brain damage?

Pretty hard to say. Most of those who bang their heads have already such a severe brain damage that it's hard to tell if it's post- or pre-banging.

FAQ | John, 2008-06-09 08:41

Hey Antti. How much of the vocals where unprocessed in Nespithe? I read somewhere that there were some effects done on them in The Echo demo. Regardless, there's not a better voice in death metal than yours.

100% percent of the vocals on Nespithe were processed with echo. Some parts had delay. No other effect were used. The first demo had a pitch shifter in one part, and I regret it so much that I will kill myself right after finishing this reply.

Thanks for the cheers, anyway.

FAQ | George, 2008-05-31 23:44

Hey Antti,

You ever feel nostalgic for the old days, man? What made you want to leave the metal scene (assuming you did), do you think you've "outgrown" metal? What bands did you like back when you played in Demilich? What was the songwriting process like, first lyrics/concept then riffs, or the other way around? How did you come up with your riffs, and were you deliberately going for that sound? Was the fact that most of your songs didn't use verse/chorus/verse song structures intentional as well or did it just come out like that?

Killer stuff man, all the best to you.

Dear Ogre,

I feel nostalgic all the time.

I left the scene because I didn't belong to it anymore. Or rather, I felt the scene moved away from me and I didn't see it worth following. I never outgrew, I was just left alone.

I loved bands like Pestilence, Morbid Angel, Pestilence, Atheist, Pestilence, most of Carcass, Pestilence, Death, Pestilence, and occasionally I was into Pestilence, too.

I first created the riffs, sometimes separately, sometimes linked together. I arranged them while coming up with the rifs. Then, I came up with the concept of the song. Eventually I wrote the lyrics. Two of them were made while Aki played the solos for the album.

I know how to tune the guitar, and I know the barre. The rest of it just came to me. I've never felt like copying anything, so I haven't learned any scales or basic theories of guitar playing. That's why I cannot jam. What a pity.

Pop structure is great for pop music. Outside pop music, it's just regression. I never wanted to sound predictable.



2008-05-25 17:08

Joo, en olekaan muistanut laittaa tuota sivuille n

2008-05-22 23:39


Hetkinen, mist

Drunken mastukator, 2008-05-22 19:32

Will you be staggering around the Kuopio wine festival this year?. If you cant make it I'll grab you a Anna Abreu autograph to masturbate over at your leisure.

I will be crowd-surfing there for sure, my aim at Anna's tiny crotch. Last time I accidentally hit Olli Lindholm's cock, wasn't as nice as it sounds.

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