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2008-02-29 04:35

Why didn't you choose Timmo Tolkki as your producer for Nespithe. We all know what an excellent job he did on Disgrace 'Grey Misery' and Funebre 'Children Of The Scorn'.
Were you born in a savusauna?, just wondering with the voice and all.

Timo "Timmo" Tolkki was too busy leaking piss at the moment. That's why we chose the second best option, the German teenager piss anal loverman.

I was born in the ass. The doctors still debate whether it's a miracle or a weird co-incidence.

My voice is a god.

FAQ | George, 2008-02-14 11:59

Hey Antti,

What's the meaning behind the lobster monster on the different Nespithe coverarts and the shirts? Is it an artist's impression of a demilich?

Are you really only 33 years old, 17/18 when Nespithe was released? What inspired you to write the music you wrote? How did you feel about the death metal scene at the time and the black metal scene in Norway?

So many questions... ah, the mysteries of life!

As far as I remember, the monster was just an idea of the Chaos Graphics' Turkka, and I though it looked good.

I am 33, soon 34, and we all were 18 when the album was recorded. I got my inspiration from movies, feelings, other bands, whatever affected me those days. I loved death metal, liked the scene (although started hating it in 93), and didn't like black metal, whether scene or music wise, at all.

Questions help me remember.

Albums | Zilla, 2008-02-02 20:42

So here we are, in the 2nd month of the 2008th year. Any update on the long awaited releases?

No. Will be.

Cory, 2008-01-30 06:28

Hey! I'm a huge fan of the band(my favorite DM group ever actually) and you're a huge influence on my own music. Saw you when you came to Houston actually, excellent show! I'll never forget it.

I was wondering if you could check out my band, we just started recording for our first demo. I have the first song up now.

Thanks for your time!

Houston was good. I wish more people had appeared.

I always check out everything, when I feel I have time to.

FAQ | C.H.U.D., 2008-01-23 21:58

who are your favorite death metal bands and death metal vocalists? I've always thought of Demilich as one of the most unique death metal bands out there along with the TOTALLY unique vocal style, so I just had to ask the question...

...oh yeah, and hail Satan.

Satan loves us.

My faves are bands like Pestilence, Entombed (early), Atheist, Morbid Angel etc. I've always liked good, rough, natural sounding growls. Nothing pushed.

2008-01-17 18:07



2008-01-09 19:38

He has risen from the dead, praise be to Kuopio's intensive care unit stomach pump.

2007-12-29 02:48

May the light of Jesus shine apon the sinning heathens of the northlands this new year. Hail Jesus.

He's the Lard.

gHlekrPqian, 2007-12-24 11:36

I just call it Nespithe, I mean that's whats on the cover of the album.
And I just pronounce it Nes-pith-e, but I doubt there are any rules to pronouncing made up words. Except if Antti has a rule, which I doubt he has.

I basically pronounce it the Finnish way, which is wrong for most people.

Brian, 2007-12-24 07:03

So first of all, update? Antti, where are you?

Second of all, to either Antti or the readers of this message thing...when discussing the album Nespithe, do you actually pronounce the word Nespithe or just refer to it as The Spine? And if you do call it Nespithe, how do you pronounce it? Nes-pie-th, Nes-pith. Which is correct, if any?

Thank you

I'm alive.

Nes-pith is the one I use, but I don't care about the pronunciation.

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