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FAQ | 2007-09-02 01:44

How's one supposed to go about solving the lyric-cryptograms in the booklet to Nespithe?

...Or are they just random blocks of letters?

This has been asked so many times, but I think I haven't answered it here, so here goes:

Group the letters in three, starting from the end of the line, and reverse the order of those groups.

Unfortunately the guys at Necropolis made lots of mistakes typing them in, so it doesn't work correctly everywhere.

2007-08-30 22:43

that seems like a good system antti. I keep forgetting whether or not i put my email on the list, so it's probably on there a few times. Now when do you think this pre-order will be up, and when will a release date be set? Is there any progress going on with it or do you just know that its going to happen eventually/sooner than later?

You can add the email address as many times as you want to, it ignores the duplicates.

The pre-order will start when the LPs are in print. The release date will be set then, too. I'm trying this year, but we'll see. we still don't have the cover art ready, and a couple of other things are missing, mainly due to myself.

FAQ | 2007-08-25 04:24

Greetings Antti, I'm a huge fan. I've always loved your band but sadly I never got to see you guys live. I'm glad I found this place theres lots of cool stuff to keep all the old and new fans happy. Anyway just thought I'd let you know your music is still appreciated and even today still sounds as fresh and heavy as it did back then.

One more thing I'm curious about the new release. I'm just wondering if you put in your email address to the merch section are you automatically guaranteed a vinyl copy of the new demo collection??? Ill probably forget by the time it comes out so it would be nice to know if I can definitely get one, cheers dude, take it easy. Thanks.

Thanks for the cheers.

There are currently 850 emails on the list, and I suspect most of them would want the LP version. So, no, it won't guarantee anything. When the release date is set, I will put out a web page where you can can place a pre-order. After a certain amount of time pre-ordering will stop, and the list will be randomly sorted. First 397 will get a chance to pay it, and the rest will be left waiting for unsold vinyls.

Whether it's fair or not, we'll have to do it some way, and this is the way.

skald, 2007-08-21 20:44

I love your music and your "tr00 undergroundness" (seriously !!)

just wanted to ask you

1. why didn't you make/release more music after Nespithe? (don't know much about the "vanishing" album)
2. What do you do for a living? (assumng there isn't much financial gain from the band)
3. Do you/did you listen to jazz ?

1. I got fed up with the scene and music itself, even making any kind of music.

2. I work in a record store (Levykauppa

FAQ | BRRRRI, 2007-08-17 19:54

Anyone have an XL Demilich shirt they're willing to part with? Or Antti, got any extras lying around?

I will print more shirts when the compilation albums come out. Add your email address at the Merch section to get notified about it first. Well, as one of those 700 first ones.

Brian, 2007-08-17 19:33

oooh i would enjoy hearing that. ANTTI WHERE ARE YOU

I died.

dt, 2007-08-17 18:12

...and i have the "regurgitation of blood" in mp3-format, so write something here if you want to add it in the downloads, i'll try to send it somehow.

I should have it on the tape somewhere, but just in case I cannot find it, could you send it to my email? Thanks.

FAQ | Nick the Slick, 2007-08-16 06:39

Got any live videos?

None. I taped over them when I tried to wipe out the history. If somebody has them, I'd love to see them. And then tape over them again.

FAQ | Milton, 2007-08-16 02:32

Hey there, I have an mp3 version of a tape of Demilich called Rehearsals 1991-09-12, I noticed it's not up on the site, if you guys would like me to send it to you to make it available on the site let me know. Cheers.

Thanks for the offer, but I already have it. I had it stored, but never had made it public. It's downloadable now, along with the older rehearsal MP3.

MYNAMEISNICK, 2007-08-14 23:13

Soooooo, are the Regurgitation of Blood and Rarities sections of the download page going to get some additions anytime soon? Gotta have IT ALL

I will first have to find the original master of Regurgitation of Blood. It sucks, though.

I just added two rehearsals to the Rarities section.

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