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Jan, 2011-03-02 06:37

I'll save you all the ass-kissing i could write here and go straight to the point. When the shirts come out, can you ship internationally? I'm not sure if i will be able to get hold of them in Poland, so i'd love to know beforehand.

PS. Can't resist. I love Demilich and to me, it's music is one of the biggest musical inspirations. This and Gorguts' Obscura.

Yes, I will ship worldwide, and payment can be done with PayPal and IBAN.

Thanks for not being able to resist.

Pekka, 2011-02-21 14:41

frost, 2011-02-13 18:17

the compilation cd is really to be released?

Yes, really.

Hugo, 2011-01-25 19:32

Hi there,

I waS wondering if there's something known about the shirts that would be printed in january? I would really like to buy one!
Thanks also for keeping the name Demilich alive!!


The shirts were printed in the fall already, but I had to stop selling them until I have a proper system for restarting the sales. I will soon have, and will let people know.

Bishop, 2011-01-09 11:40

All Hails Antii + Demilich, All Hails very much to the band ,i have crawled out of my retched hive to leave words....Many thanks, you still have an eternal true following in the south winds of New Zealand, your growls were heard loud and clear here
for many years by a few but never the less clear,we are still here, i would have very much liked to come to your last show,not to be.... i still have your demos and 1st album that will always be enough for me. whatever anybody may say about Demilich, there will never be another.Many memorable years listening have i had and hopefully many more to come.Never to be forgotten.The most fuckn inhumen vocals i have ever heard in my life.Good times......

FAQ | Ryan, 2010-12-17 20:28

How do you pronounce Demilich? Is it a ch sound or k sound at the end? My friend and I were arguing on who was saying it right.

I say it like "lick", but some people use the German cd (like "ich") or ch like English "leech". Not even English speaking people know how to say it, so feel free to use whichever of those three you want to use.

Spruce Bringsteen, 2010-12-13 12:17

skige, 2010-12-12 19:28

How long till the compilation album is released?

Soon, meaning Q1 of 2011. I hope.

FAQ | Florian, 2010-12-07 11:04

So, you mean, there will be the same red-black shirts like the ones on E-Bay soon because I nearly bought one, although I bought one of the black-white version from you back then? The red Design looks fantastic, never knew this version of the shirt exists

Oh yes, exactly the same shirts from the same batch will be fore sale in January, and if I run out of something, I will order more of them. No need to waste your money in eBay.

Sam, 2010-12-06 04:53

I just read the comment where you said that you guys were thinking about starting a new band, any ideas in terms of direction or anything of the sort? It would be excellent to hear some new material from you fine folks.

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