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Message archive

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Down Under Lad Somewhere 60 degrees North, 2006-02-20 21:16

Hey Antti,

Will you be playing any gigs in Sweden or Finland anytime before or after your tour to the states, or at least before July when I go back to Australia. I missed the gig back in September because of exams, and I simply must see you guys live before I go home, or as Johan said, before Demilich leaves earth. I haven't been on here for a while and if I had known, I would have gone to Eskilstuna.

Good luck with recording


If everything goes as planned, we will play the last gig here in Kuopio in June. And we may have a gig or two around Finland on April. Plus the Lpr gig in two weeks.

Luck is for those not talented. For us, that is.

br00tal, 2006-02-16 03:43


I was very bummed that I missed MDF this year, where you guys jsut happen to be playing.

Nespithe is undeniably extreme [in the greatest way].

If you happen to play out in San Francisco, California then hit me up.

It'd be some sick shit.

[[The old shirt design is sweet. Any chance of acquiring one?]

We may end up playing fairly close to SF.

And I think there's no chance to get the old shirt design. Apart from 20 shirts with the front print only. Most of those will be freebies, though.

shadows, 2006-02-12 13:44

- 25 and no shirts

- 32 and no life.

ylside, 2006-02-09 19:42

oh that's good then. Just a question, because I managed to get similar vox somehow, do you inhale air ?

I exhale only. The air is full of germs.

Erecshyrinol, 2006-02-09 17:54

No lyrics here.

ylside, 2006-02-09 16:52

Hi, it's the Dude from Morocco again.
It's so easy to say that vocals aren't processed. Well, we can't check ! ( No insinuation here )

Whatever, you need 20 months for a video ? Like, I could not even find it in p2p programs.

Good mastication. bye. I really would like you al lto continue, but, you know, you will loose several kvlt points. Think about that fact. They will not bring you extra-money, but kvlt points will increase your overall kvltness, obviously.

B(oman)ye. (I made a joke)

About the vocals: You can live in the world where my vocals are processed. I have no need to keep on convincing anyone. I don't care.

About the video: I don't remember what video you're talking about, but good that you can get it in p2p programs. I don't care.

About kvltness: Do I really care?

I'm out of jokes and caring.

tom (biolich), 2006-02-08 03:35

i think "still unnamed" is a great band really...honest

Dear friend, our bandtitlistic views may differ a bit, after all.

PUREDEATH, 2006-02-06 18:28

One thing about Demilich that makes them such a unique band is the atonal dissonant guitar riffs. When I first heard Nespithe, the riffage is what struck a huge chord with me and has kept me hooked on the album after all these years. The production is very brutal and raw yet still clear and audible. When will the new Demilich CD be released? I am very anxious to hear that new song and any other demo material the band has. If Demiich reforms under a new name, I wish you guys all the best and will check out anything you guys release.

Cheers. The albums will be released this spring, as we'll be recording the material for them in three weeks.

endtime, 2006-02-04 02:15

getting popular now boman, you will have a video out next

Nope, we will just be out next.

Wraith, 2006-02-03 10:25

Since you guys are splitting and reforming under a new name, what will the name be?

(Still unnamed)

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