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Message archive

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james, 2006-01-07 01:31

any chance the new shirts will be printed with the next few years? i'll buy one for me, and one for my grandmother for her birthday.

You and your grandmother will most probably get shirts in a month. Unless we run out of them too quickly when they are ready. Btw, there will be an US "tour" shirt when we get there. If you're there.

E. Neville Idsell, 2006-01-06 01:37

Hello, I am the CEO of the Coca-Cola corporation, and recently stumbled upon a few mp3s on your website, I listened and at first was shocked, then content as I realized the immeasurable amount of carbonated drinks one would have to drink in order to achieve Demilich's level of burpage. Mr. Antti Boman, would you be interested in a business propsal? Much like Opeth has an official brand of jeans, I was hoping that Demilich could have an official soft drink. That soft drink in question is Sprite. You see, Sprite causes intense pressure, due to carbonation and this nifty sugar substitute called high fructose corn syrup, in the stomach and intestines of those who drink it, thus allowing children all over countries like England, Israel, and the United States to mimic your vocals while at Tae Kwon Dow (sp?) and Sunday School.

If you accept this proposal, please tell me of a place where I can drop off five hundred U.S. dollars and a Sprite in a brown paper bag every week in exchange for you to promote the Sprite soft drink at your next show.

The terms are this: One Antti Boman has to drink five sprites onstage his next show, and replace a word or two in a song with Sprite.

I look forward to your response. This is not just for the Coca-Cola Corporation, but children everywhere!

E. Neville Idsell
CEO of the Coca-Cola Corporation

"When Sprite drank the weight of that cola of the other company"

Btw, like Beckham and my heroine forever, Beyonce, I'm a Pepsi person. Fuck the children of the world.

wilhelm, 2006-01-04 17:47


"Nesphite" Cd is one killer death metal album...
glad to see you are back together... if only for a short time...

any u.s.a dates confirmed? perhaps a southern california show?

check out my web 'zine at:

keep me posted of any news/updates on DEMILICH
and future projekts...

the slimy flying creatures reproduce in your brains!!!

in darkness,

wilhelm e

US dates will be confirmed soon, and it seems you'll get a Southern California show, too. I'll put out more info when all's clear.

happy troll of new year, 2006-01-01 02:35

happy hew year!!!!, yeah

Z, 2005-12-31 04:51

I didn't hope for ur comeback, so even for a short one I' m hugely glad! it would be great if u could do some dates in europe, belgium would be a nice choice for a show I think;) maybe u could change ur minds & come back for good? nevertheless thanxx a lot 4 everything u've done, your material has & will remain a constant source of strenght & inspiration.cant wait for the lp release! c u (hopefully),Z.

I'll try to arrange some European dates, but it seems we may run out of time.

I've been constantly slapped about the idea of breaking up the band in June. It still holds. The only thing that could change it is that if the new song received lots of praise and love, a lot more than I could imagine.

Valery Poselsky (RUSSIA), 2005-12-29 08:55

2005-12-27 11:33

Hi guys! Is it possible to get the bass tabs of "Nespithe"? Thank you for your answer! Keep crazy!

We will release them later on. Currently, I have only bass tabs for "The Echo" (song), but I haven't double-checked them yet, so they are not downloadable. Just give us a... seven months.

merry troll of good will, 2005-12-24 20:06

yeah!!, its christmas!!, I now get my underwear for the year, hope you all got plenty yourselves.

I got single malt whisky, two bottles. That's my underwear, mate.

SEP - Romania, 2005-12-21 00:22

You Kick Asses!!
I Know Nespithe for more then 10 years, but i've rediscover your band 2 years ago and i wrillie was surprise. This is the real music!
I hope you will not split the band again!!!

Cheers. Still, we will kill the band in June/July. It's unavoidable. Fortunately for you, we'll go on with another name, with similar style of music.

Raven, 2005-12-20 14:53

Fuckin' "Harsh Ugly Undead Rotting Necromantic Dark Zombified Life-Drainer Death Metal"!!!! Really Great!!!!..:)))

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