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Message archive

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Nekrofil, 2005-10-05 01:13

Now I see seeders , but downloading ain't starting. 2 hours have passed and it still didn't start. I checked my connection and software , so problem is probably with your upload.

Shit. The status page ( shows that people have managed to download it many times. I give up. I'll get back to misunderstanding Spanish messages.

Nekrofil, 2005-10-04 22:35

Is it possible to download your stuff over bittorrent? I don't see any seeders.

The status page tells there are two seeders, and now I launched the third one. Let me know if you still cannot download.

antonio caldera, 2005-10-04 18:39

que chingona esta la musica de demilich felicidades

nanoman, 2005-10-04 14:27


Have you done something for the new band already or is Demilich consuming all of your time right now?

2 more questions - were you playing live often in 1990 - 1993 and what foreign countries did you visit in your tours.

I'll start composing for the new band in November, and we'll start practicing as that band in January or later. Demilich takes most of my time now, as it's still not finished.

We didn't play live that much in 90's, and we only played one gig abroad - in Eskilstuna, Sweden. That was our last gig. We didn't have and still don't have the popularity in Finland, or outside the USA in general.

L, 2005-10-03 19:52

Thank you for the sick music kalakukot!

Thanks. And for the ones lacking the ability to comprehend Finnish: He's talking about fish cocks.

Future | Txfan, 2005-09-29 04:05

Demilich rules, I heard rumours you will be here in Houston with Averse Sefira no less??? Am I dreaming? Let me know, man. That would be the show of the year! Thanks for Nespithe, it's brilliant.

You're dreaming, but the dream may come true. At this very moment there are diligent people working on getting us gigs around the USA. It's all very close to happening.

Lord Ogre, 2005-09-20 20:11

Dear Mr. Moose:

Please be so kind at to send a barrage of words to moi. I got my artist dude in wait to start dishing out concepts for shirts, hello...this thing on? helllllooooooooooooooo...

Once again, and hopefully not forever, I promise I will mail you back soon!

Makoto from Japan, 2005-09-19 05:06

I was really surprised when I found Demilich on Maryland death fest page! Your Nespithe album have been the one of my most favorite album over 10 years! Teally great bizarre and ultra heavy death metal only Demilich can play!!!

I'll go to Maryland Death Fest with my friends' band Butcher ABC. So I'm very looking forward to seeing your show!

We will so outdrink you there! Hopefully after the show, though.

chase, 2005-09-17 07:27

nice site!! would you like to exchange links?? my url is !

Jose Hernandez, 2005-09-17 03:07

Hey guys I saw your recent news it sts
you guys are playing some u.s. shows I was wondering were and when you guys may play these
shows CAL. I hope. please give us more info if
poss. thank you very much big fan

Currently the tour includes one stop, which is Baltimore. Nothing else has been confirmed, but we'll try to have a gig or two in TX and/or CA. If you have people that want to start arranging the details, let me know. Thanks.

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