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Message archive

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L, 2005-09-05 05:03

Just read on the messages that you guys are gonna bury Demilich and star with a new band and i have a few questions:
Will the line-up change?
Will you still playing death metal?

I think that's it, i would also like to know when the new band start, i live far away from Finland (Brazil) so it would be nice if you guys keep me upadted.
Thanks for the atention.

The line-up will most probably be exactly the same.
The style will be very much like Demilich, although sds may start composing the songs with me, which naturally affects the style.
If all comes out well, I will make sure you'll hear about it, too, whether you live near or not.

FAQ | Germ Cell, 2005-09-04 05:09

Request: How about a nice, big high resolution picture of the Demilich's written logo for the image section? Pretty please...

You can find one now in the image section in downloads.

Michele/Nuclear Abominations rag., 2005-08-30 14:42

My offer to print the longsleeve shirts is still valid, I hope you didnt forget about it! My last email was sent several weeks ago, I hope things are better now... my full support to one of the best and most original Death Metal bands of all time!

tim sheehan, 2005-08-27 03:57

what guitar equipment did demilich use during the nespithe album?

I don't remember about the other guys, but mine has already been explained in the (Un)Worthy section.

Albums | Edward, 2005-08-23 05:11

I was just wondering where I can pick up a an official copy of your "Nespithe" album? My local music store doesn't seem to have any copies of it. So I was wondering if you can direct me to any sites that might have copies of the album. Or if you have any copies of "Nespithe" that are new and still in the plastic wrapping (I won't accept used/second-hand copies).

I have two copies of the original pressing of Nespithe, as Necropolice was so generous that they gave us a total of 10 copies (no other royalties), and one of those is still wrapped, but I want to keep it myself. Otherwise, I have no idea. If the newest pressing is okay for you, it should be found somewhere fairly easily.

For me, the only real pressing is the download section of this site, though.

Giga, 2005-08-22 02:10

Demilich fuckin' owns!!!

I just wanna let you guys know I'm gonna download all of your work and make sure people of Serbia know about Demilich and just how fuckin' great it is!


Brandon Peters, 2005-08-19 20:48

When are more shirts going to be printed? I would like a shirt.

I'll just have to make a call, so it will happen pretty soon now.

Ravi, 2005-08-16 17:59

Fosters won't do mate, they're the shittest Aussie beer. No Aussie in Australia drinks Fosters. Any person who does drink Fosters in Australia is automatically assumed a foreigner, haha.

Try Coopers ( or Hahn, among others.

Aside from that, I do have some mild connections with some organisers in my city of Adelaide (aptly known as South Australia's capital, the wine capital of Australia and get load of this... "The City of Churches"). Australia has an annual Ozzfest(*wheeze*)-like event called "Metal for the Brain", I think you ought to check up on that. I am sure you can Google it up as I am struggling to write this message without any typos (yeah once again, hic! BEER!).

Love your stuff, and all the best with your future endeavours. You came and you went away. You were like the other Cynic, except very underrated. Will keep you posted once my band releases a demo, haha (...more self-promotion, oh goodie).

(EDIT: I just had three Foster's. It was crap. Either it has changed over years, or I've had something wrong with the taste. I admit my defeat.)

My aussie friend once tried making me accept his fact that Foster's is shit, but I didn't buy it, and I won't. Also, my experiences with Cooper's are only based on those nasty homebrew yeast experiments which I made when I was a poor student (as opposed to a poor entrepreneur of nowadays). I'll give it a new try, though.

Thanks for the tips on the possible organizers, I'll check them out. Still, it's pretty obvious that taking five people there is very expensive, so most probably we will never play there. Trying doesn't cost much, though.

Also, thanks for the last comments, and I'm not really bothered about self promotion here (if it's linked to lots of praise on our band.)

FAQ | Ravi, 2005-08-16 16:20

Alright, I am confused. This site runs as if you guys haven't split up, I went through a couple of message board posts and you said that you're heading to the US for a tour or something.

But... but... what about Australia?


I can understand why you're confused.

We're practicing old songs and making one new song. We'll also throw some gigs this fall/winter. I just don't want people to thing we're back for real, as that's not what it is. The band will break up, either in late winter or late spring. It's something that will happen for sure. After that, we'll restart with a new name and a new direction, but Demilich will be buried. So, I don't think it's worthwhile to think we're "active", as we're merely rehearsing for a crash.

We'd definitely love to have gigs in Australia, but as we're just a band without a label or other promotional instances, the arrangements for the gigs must come from your side. And nobody has asked us to play there, yet. Any idea who could arrange such a monster?

I'd love to drink Foster's while your Sun is giving me a good start for a melanoma.

Albums | mark, 2005-08-10 12:11

Ive been trying to get copies of your demos for a while now, do you know of a good source?, thanks

If you mean real, original copies, I have no idea, and I have none left except for my personal copies. If you mean mere music, head to Down section.

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