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Message archive

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bobby, 2005-06-16 04:12

for those looking for lyrics, most can be found at Encyclopaedia Metallum -----> go to

I'll add them to our pages later.

FAQ | Aephidon, 2005-06-13 12:16

Hello Antti, where does the name "Demilich" come from? From some RPG (AD&D, etc.)? What does it actually mean?

Demilich was drawn from D&D, even if I was never into RPG. I had a friend that played them a lot, and when I was browsing his books for good images, I found the name and it sounded good for a band. The previous name had been "Deformity", and I didn't like it.

More information about lich and demilich:

Demilich, 2005-06-12 14:07

When will be on sale the new disks?

In the future, as they haven't been for sale in the past.

I suspect our "summer 2005" schedule will be revised a bit.

tom, 2005-06-05 07:37

hello lovey dovey...i wanted to show you something ive been working on alate...
its called hills west and it is whats become of me....hugs <3

Albert, 2005-05-30 01:20

hey, when are the lyrics coming up ;s ;P

Soon, I hope. In the meantime, go ask Mr. Google about them. He knows.

Mika, 2005-05-27 20:17

Hieman my

Ensi kerralla tosiaankin kokopitk

FAQ | Cynical, 2005-05-27 07:24

Will the song "The Faces Right Below the Skin of the Earth" be put on the website for download, or will one have to go to soulseek/DC to download it?

Eventually all the new recordings will be published here, but first we must promote the idea of buying the CD/LP because the labels need to get their investments back. Naturally the songs will be in P2P networks immediately, so it's only about what we officially recommend.

FAQ | Kevin, 2005-05-26 06:27

How exactly is the word "Demilich" supposed to be pronouced when spoken?

"Demi" should be easy, but "lich" gets pronounced like German "ich" or English "bitch". I just lick.

Isn't it wonderful to have choices?

Erarber, 2005-05-19 23:34

Fuck yes, you guys really know how to make Death Metal. Easily one of the ten best death albums on my book (92' album). Fucking amazing, still after 12 years I'm very impressed.

FAQ | Self, 2005-05-19 12:53

Why the haircut?

(This question was asked in a couple of forums)

Our army is a compulsory visit, and it takes away the hair. I always hated the phase when my hair was longish but not long enough, so I never got that far in growing it back.

It's definitely not about getting women. Actually, long hair's better for chasing the kind of women I'd chase.

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