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Message archive

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Anupam Roy, 2005-04-28 22:03


I cant believe I discovered Nespithe after so long! Very eager to hear what you chaps will come up with next!


Glitterbust, 2005-04-28 15:54

GodDAMN those are some beautiful designs. PLEASE let me know if you ever print up any others. And yes, I wish I was in Finland to hear you guys play.

I'll pass on your cheers to the one that drew the images.

We'll most probably have gigs around (Finland, EU, possibly the USA) in the summer and the autumn. After that, as I've said, the plan is to end it all.

Matt Fitzgerald, 2005-04-25 05:49


When will your tour Australia? :) Just kidding! Hmm, I'll have to pay you another visit soon. BTW - for those asking about the vocals, Antti sounds like that when he's not behind a microphone and amp... (I don't mean his normal voice, but the growl thingo!), although I only managed to catch a few bars, I can assure you of its authenticity, I think the rest of it got lost in a sub-zero snow blizzard!

Shine on,

We have a tour in Australia already arranged for the early autumn! Yeah, sure...

Thanks for the confirmation on the vocals. Some people will hear them again within two weeks.

Matt rocks.

Ylside, 2005-04-21 22:28

it's the moroccan fan again :)
I just want to ask , many considers Demilich as Progressive Death metal.
What do you think of that ? What do you classify yourself ? just death metal ?
Personally I would say Progressive melodic death metal... But anyway, those are only tags.

I don't care about classifications, but sometimes they are needed for explaining the type of music to other people. I like the word "progressive". I'm not sure if we're death metal at all. Then again, the first demo was definitely more death metal and less progressive.

Your definition sounds fine.

Mariusz Krystew, 2005-04-19 17:47

Alright thanx for your honest answer. I must apologise becouse I didn't realize you will continue your left hand path with another... euqaly to Demilich sounding bands... at least with the same extreme feeling. I think you will be the last band from that old forgotten death metal generation from Finland to release an album. Xysma, Disgrace, Funebre, Ripikoulu, Demigod (They do exist in some strange incarnation, not worthy at all) or Belial to name a few are dead for the masses. My hope was that you will be the last one that will manage to kick ass:) Ok, you can do that under the new monicker as well:) But you always will be connected to Demilich fame at least for myself:)

No need for apologies.

Well, our new album(s) will be similar to Funebre and Disgrace releases on Xtreem, so we're just being trendy. Hopefully the new song will make you drool for more, though, even if it won't affect the existence of Demilich in the future.

And you will always have Nespithe.

Albert, 2005-04-19 01:31

hello again. what happened to the lyrics? they used to be at this site, am i just being stupid not finding them? ;P

If something's not found, kill the designer. This time, though, the lyrics simply aren't there, as I've forgotten to put them in. Will be done some day soon.

EDIT: The lyrics are available now.

Mariusz Krystew, 2005-04-18 14:14

Alright, you gonna do these two releases and quit... well, you say you wanted to close the band in a honorable way... and that's ok. But, what if your last(?) album become big commercial success? What if people (old fans and new fans) demand more, I know you might be NOT interested anymore in extreme stuff but how many bands we know that play extreme, but let's say listen to not extreme stuff, and yes they play death metal for money, fame and... fans:) You can continue to play what ever you want pop, techno, punk... who cares. Continue with Demilich for us, the fans that would die to hear more and more from their fave band.

Okay, I'll dissect this one.

"But, what if your last(?) album become big commercial success?"

Well, we all know it won't be. The releases will mainly be old material, aimed at the fans that want them as official CD/vinyl releases. And even if it was new material only, our style is not for the masses.

"What if people (old fans and new fans) demand more, I know you might be NOT interested anymore in extreme stuff"

You went wrong there. I haven't said I'm not interested in extreme material. I'm basically saying that Demilich will be ended and the "spirit" continues with a new name. The aim is to make similar stuff but with less restrictions. And less burden of history.

"and yes they play death metal for money, fame and... fans:)"

Only the last one applies to me, as I'm not interested in fame or money. Also, I do this for myself, and hopefully for the other band members.

"You can continue to play what ever you want pop, techno, punk... who cares."

The two other projects of mine will be far from mainstream music, although different from Demilich. The Demilich continuation, OTOH, will be a lot like its predecessor.

And who knows what happens. I always leave that 0.01 per cent to be on the safe side when changing my mind.

Thanks for the comment.

FAQ | Ryan Power, 2005-04-12 02:39

You kick ass man! hehe, the praising will stop there:P
I hope this hasnt already been asked because I can't seem to find it through the questions.... How do you pull of those vocals? what type of techniques did you practice and how can I get lower and more ballsy death metal vocals, or is it a secret?:P
I know this may be too hard to explain so I understand anyways, Im out rock on!

Thanks, for both praising and and stopping it rapidly.

About the vocals. It's not a secret, but "they" may have to kill you if I tell you. So, here we go: I didn't practice or decide to do it that way, it just happened. I think I didn't understand how grownling should have been done, and chose a completely different technique, which seems to be more natural to me, though.

I tilt my head a bit downwards (ie. jaw towards the chest), open up my throat as if I was vomiting, and force the sound out of the stomach, or at least it feels so. Obviously I blow the air from the lungs via the lower throat.

Then again, do what's natural to you. That leads to the best sound you'll get out of your body.

Albert, 2005-04-11 12:59

greetings. can't you have a gig in Stockholm? it'd be really cool...

If somebody wants pays for the trip, we'll play there. I'd love to do it.

Alex, 2005-04-10 06:16

Hello broS! alex from Inherited Suffering Records here! Can you trade 1 shirt maybe?
let me know please!

Unfortunately the shirts got ordered, so I cannot trade. I might be able to do it with the next batch, though.

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