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Elvin Scott, 2005-03-28 11:42

In the unfortunate event that my powers of deduction linger, floundering in the realm of utter stupidity and my email to you trails off into a misdirected oblivion I have resorted to "les message publique" in order to voice my plea, as pathetic as it may be in it desperateness, as to When, Where and How must I go about obtaining a shirt...scourge me...dangle me over a gaping precipice...stew my guts...distribute my flesh to a harem of gorgons...guzzle my lymph and ichor from my skull...Dance a gay jig in my skin...all this simply to be adorned in your merch<

Roudari, 2005-03-28 00:26

...Roudari t

Roudarin paikka on viel

FAQ | Tim Sheehan, 2005-03-26 10:42

When do we get some Demilich tablature?!

I have some ready, but not complete songs, yet. I will publish them when I have proper ones, hopefully soon.

(EDIT: The first one available on the downloads page)

FAQ | Lord ZOMBEAST, 2005-03-25 13:11

Hail, will you make any video availables to download in your website?

Yes I will. I have one on VHS, and I'll try to transfer it to a binary format soon. I have no other gig videos, so in case you know people that have them, let me know.

Guts, 2005-03-25 08:50

Demilich...the constant in my life. Always amazing, and always around! Man, cheers to you guy! Truly amazing music, great people! And I like your whole old-school attitude, keep it dark, cult but yet fun!

Im ALL over shirts and Vinyl! Hellyeah! Any chance Nespithe will ever be on Vinyl????

Cheers guys!


Thanks. About the vinyls, Nespithe is owned by Necropolis, so if those sharks come up with an idea to rip us off even more, they'll release it on vinyl. Then again, I may do it myself some day, just to piss them off.

Rorvorurk & Cacophonihil, 2005-03-24 22:56

Hello Antii and those in DEMILICH, we are admirers of horrid, bizarre, chaotic and obscure music with an artistic twist, Demilich is definitly a favourite of ours and has been a big influence through the years and in our own work, we would much appreciate it if you had a listen to our material and shared your thoughts about it, (noting that we would be more than happy to send a free copy of our official disc if you are interesred) which is something to the degree of Horror/Chaos-Noise/Soundscapes done with guitar and vocals

mp3': available at

If you ever do decide to play a show in the u.s (even though we are from canada) we would definitely show up regardless to the location (please do not play in texas for the rednecks! haha) we'll continue to support Demilich however we can for its gripping otherwordly visions and excellent musicianship, thanks and we will be wanting a copy of the new cd/lp!, stay true

Shirts | Josef Sch, 2005-03-24 18:09

Hi and hello. I must say im alittle dissapointed that both shirts had backprint... I had preffered just the frontprint of the "first" shirt... but i guess they are already printed and my opinion changes nothing, ah shit im so damn insignificant.

Anyway, a bowl of nectarish whory secretion for some seriously great music. I think i'll just remain in pieces in nothingness for now, good luck

Dear Mr. Insignificant,

I've been discussing about printing some shirts just the way you just explained, so don't lose your hope yet.

EDIT: I will print a small amount of shirts with front print only soon.

davedevour, 2005-03-24 14:13

yeah bro
i mthink im in your list and if u printed others models of shirt i will buy because i need all your fucking shit!!
please antii, sign my book and check my site
only death the only way!!
davedevour from goregurgler zine
Ps. do u have MSN? EMAIL ME YOUR MSN if u have one, please.

I'm not a chatty person. I rather enjoy short notes, preferably with a hint of sarcasm in.

davedevour, 2005-03-24 13:57

damn bro
u can tsend me one to spain??
u sold all at finland guys?
i have 2 copies from nesphite necropolis recs in cd and a repulse cd version, im a sick fan from the gods DEMILICH!!

Cheers. I will be able to send to Spain, so you'll just have to be quick then. I think you're on the mailing list, so act when I send the info on how to order.

davedevour, 2005-03-24 13:47

antii when the shirts??
i need please

Just a couple of days more. The shirts are printed in the USA, but half of them will be sold from Finland, so we'll first come up how to split the sales.

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