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Skittles, 2010-08-04 05:08

All of the shirt orders that were placed before the "incident" are still good to go?


The Commander, 2010-08-04 03:54

Have you heard of Nauseant? They're from Stockholm, and they seem to draw a heavy influence from your music.

Yep, some of their stuff definitely reminds me of Demilich.

Shirts | Dillon, 2010-08-04 00:57

Hi, just have a few questions about the merch section. Just recently took a look at all the shirts and I was wondering how to order them.

(An update: 1/3 of the shirts were sold, so I still have plenty of them to sell. I just don't know if I have time to do it right now. Rest assured, I will open up the ordering page again, and will order more shirts if something gets sold out.)


Today, something like 11 hours ago, I sent email to everyone on the mailing list that was gathered on the merchandise page for four years. The message had a link to pre-ordering the shirts, and I was going to open up ordering for everyone later tonight. However, the amount of pre-orders from the list members was insane, and half an hour ago I had to stop getting orders from them, too. I'll now have to make sure there are still enough shirts left for the gig on August 14.

Anyway, what will happen next? I'll reply to all the orders that I got so far, and see what's left after them. Then I'll see if I can open up the ordering page again, and whether to make it public or not.

I will most probably have stuff for sale. It may be limited to some shirts, only. Then again, I may have to wait until August 18 or so to see what we have left.

Sorry. I thought I ordered too much, but you all proved me wrong.

Matthew, 2010-07-30 15:40

I remember reading that if aliens ever discover 1 piece of music from humanity, Nespithe would be the only option/ Cant agree more with that. Timeless music that resonates with the very universe. Greetings from South Africa.

I'm unqualified to comment. Still, great to hear some people raise our music this high!

andrew, 2010-07-19 22:24

thank you good sir. you are a godsend

Andrew, 2010-07-19 00:40

hey imma trying to tab the bass part of The Echo and I need help on that part 2:15 into the song. you know the part w/ the massive string skiping. could you please help me w/ that part please?

I'm not 100% sure (and don't have time to listen to it properly now), but it should be like this:

E0 .. E3 .. E6 A6 E5 E0 .. E3 .. E6 A6 E5 E3 E4

(E = E string, the lowest, A = A string, the 2nd lowest)

Not that skippy with bass, uh?

Kolby (again), 2010-06-28 02:13

What do you mean when you say you hate the scene? Is the Death Metal genre becoming less enjoyable to be a part of due to contemporary bands and new (and sometimes terrible) bands? I thought this was disconcerting since I am really interested in starting a band and trying to play Death Metal......

I meant past tense. I hated the scene due to back-stabbers, copycat bands, and the BM kids + genre wars. I didn't want to be part of it, and I had lost interest in doing music for it. Nowadays it's different, as the young idealist just couldn't ignore, whereas the new (older) I doesn't care as long as I don't put out shit myself.

FAQ | Alexander, 2010-06-24 08:40

Who did your art for "Four Tales" and also your shirt designs ?? It is killer by the way! A bit like the art of the old 'zines (Slayer, etc etc) - Lainen/Moyen (and all the other awesome artists of the "era")

Would be great to see more art like this - any way to get in contact with the artist anymore ?

Anyhow, from "The land down under" (Australia haha!) "G'day" ! and hope all is well in your sphere!

The demo and shirt designs, as well as Nespithe cover(s) and graphics were done by Turkka G. Rantanen, Chaos Graphics. Check out his web page where you can also find his email address:

Mi esfera es su esfera.

FAQ | Kolby, 2010-06-24 03:19

Sorry I just recently heard of Demilich and I must say I am going to pick up anything I can find or order, but (and I hope this isn't a stupid question) how did you guys cease to be? The music is wonderful and has great potential... did you all diverge and take up different bands? If so what are they?

P.S. I read here that you tuned to A... is that on a six string? and if so what guage strings did you have to use in order for everything to sound decent?

Not a stupid question at all. We didn't really cease, we just withered away. I had already grown to hate the scene before the recordings of Nespithe, and I was pretty sure we'd not make another album. Still, we put our everything to the recordings of Nespithe, as I couldn't punish my child for the mistakes of his father('s surroundings). None of us continued in other bands.

We use six string standard A tuning, and (at least) my strings were pretty normal. I had to play light, but it kind of suited me. Nowadays I use a custom Ernie Ball set (13-62).

FAQ | Strahalov, 2010-06-02 21:55

Hail from Hungary! In my opinion, your music is certainly one of the greatest moments of metal. I was wondering if you have any t-shirts left in store, because I would love to purchase one if that is possible.. I would also be interested in an authentic Nespithe CD, but I don't even dare to think there is any left that I could buy from you or anywhere...

Thanks. We'll print more shirts within two months, so they should be available before the gig in August. And unfortunately I only have two original Nespithe CDs left, one for listening and one in wrappings (to be autographed and sold when I've spent all my money in guitars and drinking.)

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