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Message archive

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czeck fag, 2010-04-27 06:28

I am just wondering, what colour underpants you wear, and whether they are 'y' fronts. Pardon my intrusion into your crotch dressing, but I am interested in your tonal qualities.

I use black boxer shorts exclusively. They make my huge cock look desirable and delicious.

Oral Fart, 2010-04-22 19:12

Hello again, can you please get the forthcoming show in Finland taped and release it as a dvd or something?

I'm not sure if I want to. I'll give it a thought.

Ryan, 2010-04-20 23:41

When you were in school did you like it? And In high shool what were some classes you took?

The school was okay. I was a lazy reader, but learned everything quickly, which made it easy for me. I mostly liked chemistry, mathematics, and Finnish.

Ryan, 2010-04-20 23:38

Are you a fan of Morbid Angel? If so what is your favorite album by them?

I cannot say I'm a fan, but I listen to them occasionally and mostly enjoy the things I hear. As an old (school) person, I prefer the A and B albums.

FAQ | Rudolf, 2010-04-17 03:27

Hey Antti, it seems that you are prejudiced towards women and children? It would be insightful for me to learn what inspiration is behind the morbid artwork, as well as grotesque lyrics. Thanks man, respect for your contributions to the scene, however the music is too heavy for me and has inspired some evil and thought provoking imagery.

I'm prejudiced towards neither women nor children. You missed the news when they told "bad humor" had been discovered.

The inspiration for artwork and lyrics have come from many different things. Gore, horror, sci-fi, science, anti-religiousness, at least.

2010-04-09 06:27

If we both drink beer and answer messages at 4 am..this might just work out ;)

2010-04-09 06:23

Man, trust me, she is quite a tough one. Still I had a sauna and a Karhu or two before I made my manly escape towards a Neste near Kuopio where I had a shower,kahvi and a (few) pint(s) of Lapin Kulta to recover. I sill feel used.

Cthulhu, 2010-04-09 00:32

fhtagn fhtagn!

2010-04-02 04:44

I had a dream last night where I had great sex with many fantastic women including your mother. And I still had my teeth.

Which you don't have anymore. Nobody has sex with my mom without consequences. She's a vicious woman.

2010-03-25 18:09

I had a dream last night where all my teeth fell out.

It's going to happen.

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