(2010 line-up)

Jess and the Ancient Ones
(sans Mr. Fiend)

(with Hurja replacing Rotten)
Cypher Acid
(first gig)
Standard Whore
(members of Demilich/JatAO)
Blind Men of Doom
(members of JatAO/Winterwolf)
Aben Erikois Housu Miehet
(members of JatAO/Winterwolf, first gig)

We will lose our rehearsal place in a couple of weeks, so we decided to throw a party. We've asked our closest friends to see our bands play live, but we also thought it would be cool to give it out to all the rest of you, too! So, the whole thing will be streamed to the Internet.

Due to the fact that this happening doesn't produce money, we will have to use fairly primitive ways to stream it. Everything will be sent though mobile network, so you may experience lag, audio corruption, or total outage of the stream. The guys handling the technology are the ones playing in bands, so if everything goes down, it will go down in a huge way. So, if you see it go down, try again later. We'll try to fix things between the gigs.

Then again, it may all go smoothly, and you'll get to see a nice live festival straight from your sofa. The image quality is guaranteed to be shit, but audio should be pretty good! After all, it's about the music, not some fat dudes standing in a very small room. The streams will be also viewable in Youtube after the show until the end of times. The whole thing will be recorded with other cameras and audio equipment, too, so if it all fails, we'll upload the gigs for you to see in the net afterwards!

All bands will play a 20-30 minute set. Some of the bands play covers, but you can expect to see mostly original material.

The timetable

The live stream will be split into two separate ones, due to technical limitations. The whole happening will be between 18:05 and 22:15, UTC+2 (Helsinki time). See here when it all happens in your time zone . The streams will be viewable on this page, and in Youtube (links will be provided later).

Live stream 1

Live stream 2

If you watch any part of this show

...and have an Android phone, please consider adding yourself to the Google+ event and activate the party mode when it shows in your phone. That way we (and everybody else) will get to see what you were doing while watching us play live. Yes, you. You sick, sick people.

The technical specs

Comment, or watch this page for updates!

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Twitter #fatoru


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